ECIS Research Fellowship

Research Fellowship:

This fellowship supports academic research with the potential to create notable impact in international education. The ECIS Research Fellow has the opportunity to share research with the ECIS network through the academic year.

Assessment of application

  • Demonstrate how your research will contribute to International Education.


  • Must be enrolled in a master’s or doctoral degree granting programme
  • Must be on the staff of a ECIS Premium school.
  • Should be able to demonstrate experience and academic background sufficient to confirm their ability to complete the proposed programme of research.
  • Must be prepared to share findings with ECIS and its current and future members.

Duration and Timing

Fellowships are tenable up to12 months. There is no minimum time commitment but there has to be demonstrable evidence a reasonable amount of time will be spent pursing research topics.

The fellowship will cover

  • Reasonable and customary expenditures associated with the pursuit of academic research

Expected Outputs

  •  An article of up to 3000 words to be published by ECIS
  • Available to present research at the ECIS Leadership conference


Each grant is up to £3000

Significant dates

Research fellowship applications are open annually. Below are significant dates for this year’s cycle.

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